God Isn’t Fixing This

God isn’t fixing this. And why would he? If you believe in god, don’t you think he would expect the people of Earth to pull their heads out of their asses and take care of this mess ourselves?!? Don’t you think he’d be a little apprehensive to jump out of his big ol’ god chair to help considering the fact that we created this problem? We cling to our “right” to have this problem. We walk around shopping malls with our guns, we go to chick-fil-a with semi-automatic weapons, we continue to lie to ourselves and insist this is normal, a given right in our country, and then we cry about the school shootings, and mass killings…. We change our facebook pictures, and we get tattoos, and we pray. We pray. We pray. We pray. We are praying. Sending prayers. Prayer chains, prayer trains, prayer planes… Sending it up. Up to the big guy. The big guy who, if he’s up there, is really, probably, only severely disappointed in everything we do because we are stupid. We are selfish. This is all just so stupid. We feel justified to carry whatever weapons we want, because back in the day, people were few and far between, and food was scarce, wars and shit, and cop cars weren’t invented yet, so the big law guys were all, “Ok, ok. You can shoot people if we’re not there yet. Take care of yourself, people are jerks for stealing, so have your gun, here, we’ll put it on this big piece of paper and say you can always have your gun in case you need to kick some ass… even our ass… but promise you won’t be a dick.” Several things have changed since then. Several. I’m not going down that rabbit hole right now, but we all know… Shit. Has. Changed.

We shove the constitution down people’s throats to claim it’s our “right” to intimidate everyone around us with ridiculous compensators hanging from straps, and holsters…. We are a joke. To most of the rest of the world. We are pansies. We have the biggest military force in the world, and people are still saying that old pathetic STUPID crap about “they’re not gonna take my guns!!!” You fucking moron. They don’t want your shitty little tin shooter. They have drones. They have a-bombs. They have missiles that cross entire continents. They don’t give a shit about your stupid fucking scrap metal boom stick. You do. You need it. You feel you can protect yourself the best with your big, scary, dangerous, generously given gun. You vote for people who hate regulations, so that you can have your toy. Your toy that kills people. Innocent people. Every day.

Can’t we figure something else out? Look at smartphones. Pretty complex. I think humans are smarter than this, and this antiquated idea that the only way we can survive in America is if we’re “Locked and loaded.” That’s NRA bullshit. Can’t you get out of your own ass and agree that THIS ISN’T WORKING?? This, “We can keep all the guns we want in circulation, because if somebody breaks into our homes, or tries to take hostages at the chick-fil-a? I need to have a gun to combat that!! IT’S THE ONLY WAY.”

No. It isn’t. And that doesn’t even make any fucking sense.

You want to talk statistics? Oh please, inquire. But again, I’m not going down that rabbit hole here.

We don’t fight fire with fire. We fight fire with water, because it’s more effective, and less destructive.

I don’t know what the hell the answer is. But I do know we DON’T have it as of now, so whatever we are doing is fucking wrong, and we need to try something else. Why not?

Are human lives less important than gun rights?

Or are you and your fucking guns more important than… Everything?

Is having your own gun more important than a human life?

Has praying about the carnage done a damned thing?


If you didn’t answer “No” to those last 4 questions, you are part of the problem.



  1. Andrew Sheldon · December 4, 2015

    I do enjoy this, and I share in your fear and anger. However, I do think we have a problem with treating each other with fear and anger. I know some good, honest people who are afraid of having their guns taken away. I think that is foolish and paranoid. I know deeply religious people who are warm, beautiful human beings. We have to treat each other with empathy if we’re going to solve this problem. Until we do, we are all part of the problem.

    I do love this post. You make your anger and fear clear. I hope you and all of us who share in it can use it only as a motivator and not as a weapon. Thank you.

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  2. herheadache · December 4, 2015

    I want to write a blog postt about this, as a concerned Canadian, but my fear of saying the wrong thing or offending someone holds me back. I am angry though. Not sure which instinct to go with. Good for you for making your opinion known.

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