Being overweight and the ‘S’ word: It’s not easy being fat!

Oh. My. Gawd.

If I hear the phrase, “They would be so much happier if they would just lose the weight!” ONE. MORE. TIME. I’m going to shoot somebody.

Are you fucking retarded!?!

Do you honestly think it’s that the person just didn’t notice they were overweight, or hasn’t decided to lose weight!?

Oh, and I just love it when a man tests his likeliness to live another day and says something stupid like, “Well it was super easy for me to drop 20lbs, I don’t see why Fat Donna can’t do it.”

You should just drive your shitty self off a CLIFF if you think this way.

FIRST of all…

Some people are perfectly happy JUST the way they are. Who the fuck are you to decide they “need” to lose weight? And who cares what your *24 hour fitness junkie* ass thinks!?


It is dramatically more difficult for a woman to lose weight than a man. Google that shit or catch an episode of The Biggest Loser, you moron. Take 5 minutes out of your bathroom selfie schedule and do some fucking research before you go on your confidence killing spree. And women who have had children have an even HARDER time losing weight. It’s a fucking hormone issue, not a motivation issue. And don’t you DARE bring up that bitch Heidi Klum. Don’t. Fucking. GO THERE.


Some of us are running on fumes, and still don’t have enough time to get all our shit done in the 24 hours of a day. FUCK a whole bunch of that “squeezing in a workout” nonsense. Do you have 3 kids and no babysitter?? Do you do ALL the cooking and cleaning at your house? Do you have so many responsibilities and obligations that your head never stops spinning?


Well… You need to pipe the fuck down.

Where was I…?


Lack of sleep is a big part of the issue with weight loss. Now I hear you, some people eat their chins off and then sleep all god damned night, never get off their ass and weigh 500lbs. That’s not who we are talking about here, and I think you know it. Those people suck, and need to put that KFC family challenge bucket down. But there are those of us who watch our portions, and calories, and still look (and feel) like a Datsun truck. And by the fucking way… Some of us are dealing with some shit you cannot even FATHOM. Family issues.. Even breastfeeding. It keeps us up all night, takes away that LAST grain of energy, and packs 20lbs on an ass.

Give a girl (or guy) a break!

And keep your fucking advice about weight loss to yourself!

Unless you are a doctor, or a personal trainer, and I am SOLICITING advice…

You need to shut the hell up, and leave us sweet old chubbies alone!!

Because weight does not define a person, and if you haven’t learned that yet?

Go fuck yourself.



  1. aerondt · January 31, 2015


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  2. Ginger · June 26, 2015

    I adore you! And this!

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